Track your customers footfall in store…………..

iBeacons are the latest technology that allow for a dynamic and responsive customer experience within store. Beacons are small Bluetooth devices that can send alerts to smartphones based on location proximity.

Beacon technology can be used to send discounts, promotions, upcoming events, or other reminders to customers when they’re in-store. This technology can be used to heighten engagement with discounts and offers, sent via push notifications to the customers personal device.

Other useful properties of our software enable trend analytics via heat maps against iBeacon placement.  Beacons can enable customers to know exactly where they are in store using interactive maps that can navigate them to points of interest. Beacon technology is an incredibly effective way to create a cohesive online and in-store experience. By tracking a customer’s in-store movement, you’re able to deliver targeted information and discounts depending on their products of interest. This can lead to increased conversion rates.

When in-store customers are able to use SolarDrift Apps connected to iBeacons to create shopping lists, and then see where items are located in-store. As the customer moves through the store, their location changes in real-time, showing them how close they are to their desired location.

The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for certain, you can be confident that SolarDrift will have everything covered, so that you can concentrate on the finer details of your business plan.


  • Full Design Package
  • Proof of Concept
  • APIs and Content Managed
  • SolarDrift SocialCore Integration
  • Members Area Integration
  • Testing Cycles
  • Market Strategy


  • Mooters Network
  • Supreen
  • Tribar Fitness
  • MyWill Space
  • QuadBoom
  • Bents Garden & Home
  • D&E Distributors