Smart manufacturing solutions can unlock increased productivity, profits and company growth.

81% of manufacturers are now ready to invest in new digital technologies

Standing still is not an option: operational changes are essential to maintaining your competitive advantage

The performance of the British manufacturing sector is on an upward trend with a 1.4%  year on year increase. This sustained growth is in the most part attributed to by improvements in automation and technology. The ongoing digitisation of the sector has a key role to play in this ongoing growth as manufacturers are realising the potential in automated solutions.

The key findings from the Annual Manufacturing Report 2019 highlighted that 81% of manufacturers are now ready to invest in new digital technologies to boost productivity.

Aside from the obvious issue of investment, the main blockers that are holding back manufacturers from taking the leap into a digital future is the lack of vision of what practical applications automation and technology can offer within their organisation and indeed what ‘good’ looks like.

”Made in Britain” is the key to helping Britain stay on top and ensuring that your company thrives. It used to be more cost effective to outsource various elements of manufacturing to oversees, whereas Brexit has the potential to bring significant opportunities to British manufacturing. Now is a fantastic time to embrace the surge in opportunities and ensure that your company has the ability to expand and meet demand, along with the economical and political developments of the country.

SolarDrift can assist with the insight or ‘big picture’ into how technology can improve output and profit, whilst bridging the skills gap for the younger, more technologically minded generation of employees. Having worked with companies to automate applications, we understand what is needed to improve productivity and make your investment worthwhile. SolarDrift will take time to look sympathetically at the existing systems already in place and offer bespoke solutions that integrate seamlessly within the infrastructure of the company.


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