Customer Loyalty Rewards

Interactive and personalised shopping experiences for members

Membaflow Loyalty Software Engine is a fully substantiated package that is ideal for use in large Garden Centres.
The software provides an interactive and personalised experience for members or customers by utilising iBeacons for promotions, floor plan interactive location mapping and Points of Interest (POI).
The additional features and software can be easily connected to your existing Epos, ensuring communication between all elements of your business are seamless.

Content Management System

Manage App content and updates easily with a fully integrated CMS

Make instant App updates, informing your customers of the latest offers and promotions, news, events and gardening tips.
The App allows members to view their membership benefits within a totally secure account area.
Another amazing feature of this software is the ability to use QR codes and bar codes to scan items and products for prices and other information updates.
Customers can find out all about the products on sale taking away the need to find a sales person to inform them about the item.
This feature is also valuable for your employees and sales representatives, allowing cross-platform apps to be used for obtaining current and detailed information regarding all of the products in store. Product information such as stock availability and delivery times are instantly available allowing all members of staff to offer a highly proficient and professional service for your customers, regardless of experience and expertise.

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Company Analytics

Membaflow Analytics for a sustainable future

Membaflow Analytics allows all of your business data to be collated, sorted, processed and graphically represented giving you concise and meaningful information efficiently. The goal of our inbuilt analytics is to evaluate consumer action and market trends that can drive consumers toward a desired goal leading to increased efficiency, productivity, and revenue.

The advantage of such focused analytics is that you are provided with the information and tools to make informed choices about a whole range of different sales strategies, such as the popularity of different products, whether the location of products affects consumer engagement and interest within the store, times of sales and much more. All of this information can be used to help you create predictions for future events and recommend actions to maximize ideal outcomes, sales and profit.