Scheduling and automation

A whole system that has been designed through the combination of many components that work together harmoniously. The system is fully automated and enables seamless integration into your company, whether it be the manufacture or sale of products.

User Simplicity

The internal manufacturing app can be downloaded to any Android device. The app has easy navigation, with key features that can be used at every step of the manufacturing process. By simply scanning QR codes generated throughout manufacture, every step can be monitored and updated.  Each team member can efficiently update their status, allowing for a rapid and seamless output.

Development & objective

The software has been developed by like-minded professionals who understand the processes and need for speed in a fast paced and thriving industry. One of the greatest advantages of the system is the amount of man hours that will be saved carrying out repetitive and time consuming tasks.

Stats and monitoring

The system allows everybody within the company to have transparency of the progress for client orders at every step of the way. Synergy monitors and analyses your every aspect of your orders by displaying graphical representations  – daily, weekly, monthly –  live orders; sub-statuses and exact location within the manufacturing stage. The system also allows for the rapid retrieval of tracking numbers.

Internal Mobile App

Synergy Software solution includes an enterprise internal app, that will streamline your manufacturing processes within the shop floor. Utilise order fulfillment, delivery printing, stock management and many other aspects that benefit from automation.

Content Management E-Commerce

The Synergy internals are designed to work with multi channels and platforms. So go ahead and add as many channels, customers and clients as you require and you can be assured the system will continue to be as flawless as before. With consistent data management in the cloud, and internal schedule and backup systems in place with 100% no-downtime.

Synergy Mobile App

The Synergy Mobile app makes the manufacturing process even faster using one scan order bar codes and QR codes to update the status, which in turn updates the customers and clients. Automatic email updates also keep your clients in the picture, providing clients with confidence in the manufacturer.

App Control Centre

Everything can be controlled using hand-held mobile devices, making the whole process even slicker and more efficient. The Synergy Mobile app is designed to link all of the components seamlessly together, meaning wherever you are, you have everything you need at your fingertips.