Third Party Integration is becoming an increasingly important aspect of any software solution, and SolarDrift is here to help.

APIs, or application programming interface enable applications to communicate with each other.

In today’s world, whether you’re aware of it or not, APIs are everywhere — they control how we get information from social media sites, how we navigate our GPS’s, and how we book tickets online.

Additionally, they’re incredibly helpful for businesses. APIs are necessary as we strive to become an “all-on-one” platform, which will enable our customers to use all their favorite software and applications in one place.

If you’re considering using a Third Party API for your business, here are a few you might explore:

  • PayPal Commerce Platform is a comprehensive solution designed to make business transactions easy.
  • Sage Pay is a secure payment system.
  • Scurri connects and optimises your online ordering, shipping and delivery to be simple, effective and adaptable to your needs.
  • Tillpoint EPOS system suitable for any business.

These are just a few of the Third party API’s that SolarDrift has integrated with as part of our projects and we will be there every step of the way to guide and advise you with any of those decisions you may choose to consider.

Why reinvent the wheel?

Using a Third Part API has many advantages – they are reliable, and can provide you with all the data you might need to run your business, without the added cost and time of further development.


  • Payment Integration
  • Courier/Shipping Integration
  • Cloud Based Integration
  • Scheduling Integration
  • Social Integration


  • D&E Distributors
  • Bents Garden & Home
  • QuadBoom
  • MyWill Space
  • Mooters Network
  • Car Essentials
  • Official Car Mats