Bents came to SolarDrift to design and build a brand new App which would follow in with the “be inspired” branding. This would give them greater exposure to their current members and gain new ones. The solution also integrates with our customer loyalty and iBeacon software engines, allowing Bents to send targeted promotions when members are situated near certain products within the garden centre via push notifications. After a few seconds, our iBeacon SDK integrated within both iOS and Android Apps, will send a signal to the iBeacon engine to check if any promotions are assigned to that specific area, sending a push notification promotion to the customer. If a member has opted out to receive these promotions, Bents still have the ability to see footfall via heat maps within MembaFlow Loyalty Engine CMS


Integration with MembaFlow Loyalty Engine

Integration with iBeacon SDK and Engine

iOS & Android App

CMS & Analytics

API & Server Integration

Member App to EPOS

Our MembaFlow Engine also connects directly to various third party CRM systems to provide member benefits straight through to the App.

Member Barcode Till Scan

Our clients have the option to display member card that can be scanned at checkout to gain points

Floorplan manager

The CMS allows staff to manage iBeacon placement and points of interest that will help customer’s navigate around the garden centre using the Bent’s App

iBeacon and in-store analytics

MembaFlow Engine will track any user within store with the App installed, and indicate live visitors and repeat visitors.

In-store Floorplan and POI management

Use CMS to manage points of interest and iBeacon placement

News and events content

Keep their loyal members interested with new content, all managed from LOY-ME backend

Rewards and member details

Member rewards and details linked directly to EPOS OpSuite via Davidson & Richards

Targeted deep links

Manage push notifications and deep links from LOY-ME engine to enable targeted promotions