Logic Puzzle apps on both iOS and Android are big hitters within the gaming category. Many users tend to be sat on long commutes to work, and use their time challenges their great minds with logic quizzes. SolarDrift decided to take on the challenge of developing a gaming board with a difference from scratch, including an integrated CMS and API allowing Charles from Twin Wizards to manage the available puzzles and in app purchase packs.


Android App

API & Server Integration

CMS & Analytics

Android features

Logic Puzzles App will keep every user entertained with new puzzles added every day

Reset Game Board

The app allows for resetting a game board from the beginning of the puzzle without the need to go back to the puzzle screen

Puzzle Hints

Stuck on a puzzle? You can choose to have clues to make tricky puzzles a little bit easier.

UI Design

The whole game area has been designed with the user in mind, everything flows

Game Timer

Background game timer is fluid, and pauses when navigating out of the app

We started with the Game Board

Logic Puzzles Android App has a highly complex game board with many different states, which required a superior architecture and UI design before we could move to simpler sections of the App.

SolarDrift Software Upgrade

The iOS version of Logic Puzzles Daily was already live on the App Store and doing extremely well. But the backend architecture was error prone. It used a zip file contained on the server which was periodically downloaded and extracted to the iOS App, and as more and more puzzles were being added to this zip, the slower the iOS became when downloading this file. SolarDrift team re-designed the backend architecture to include a CMS and API which would manage which puzzles and content had already been fetched from the API. Both iOS and Android could then use the same content managed system.